Hera Finds Her Forever Family

Hera and the dog crib

We welcomed her into our family on 3/30/19. We had recently lost two of our older dogs (a lab and a pit) to cancer and were ready to give our love to another. We were looking for a senior and/or hospice dog and the moment I saw her I knew she was the one.

She has fit right in with our family. First night we had her she jumped up on the couch and threw her little “arms” around me and laid down. It’s hard to believe it has only been 4 months, seems like she’s been here her whole life.

We have a 18 month grandson and she watches over him as if he were her own. So gentle and loving.

She was a hospice adoption (3.5 lb football tumor removed from her back shortly before we got her), so we know time might not be long. But we wanted to provide her with as much love as possible and make whatever time she has left the best it can be! Thank you WHS for taking her in and performing the surgery to remove the tumor so that she was able to become part of our family.