Pet Health

Shop to Help the Kittens

Every year, Willamette Humane Society helps more than 3,000 pets find forever homes. During the spring and summer months, many of the pets we help

Cooperative Pet Care

I had to go to the dentist last week and as I lay in that vulnerable position, mouth open , drill buzzing, I kept thinking

Enriching Cats

Give your bored, destructive, and trainable cat some training and enrichment. Enriching cats will make you and your cat happy.

Growling is Great

Many people mistakenly believe that growling is aggression and should be stopped. But really, growling is great! It’s a dog’s last resort before biting.

Greeting a Shy Dog

What if your dog is shy of new people? Or, how do you make friends with a shy dog? Here are tips and tricks for greeting a shy dog.

Helping Your Crazy Cat

Does your cat bite, chew, yowl, or run around too much? Helping your crazy cat can be as easy as providing enrichment to fulfill their hunter instincts.

Dealing with Bouncy Biters

Dealing with bouncy biters is a challenge, but they can be some of the very best dogs. Learn how to help these confident, active, and smart dogs behave.

Leaving Your New Dog at Home

If you are adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue, chances are the dog you see has experienced heartbreak, at least once, maybe several times. Dogs are emotional and affiliative creatures that can form extremely strong bonds with their social partners. Learn how to bond with your dog and avoid anxiety that can lead to destructive behavior when you leave!

Johnny Wants a Dog- Finding the Right Dog For Kids

Your kids have been bugging you for months to get a dog! You’ve put them off for as long as possible but now your spouse is in on it, so you’d better join the club. How can you be sure you’re getting a dog that will actually be good for them and good to them?

Who Is That Doggy In The Window?

Let’s talk about how individual characteristics can be discovered in a few quick moments while visiting a shelter dog of any breed or combination of breeds.

Which Is Your Favorite Dog Breed?

Learn why breeding two dogs together doesn’t make the best of those two dogs, but rather brings both the best and the worst of all of the ancestors of those two dogs into a litter of puppies.

I Forgot to Train My Dog!

Pumpkin pies are in the oven, wine is chilling and the guests will be arriving tomorrow, so you’ve got a couple minutes to spare. You

Marion/Polk Community Cat Program to Hold Stakeholder Meeting

With alarming reports of violence targeting stray cats, frustrations in our community are high. The time to humanely balance the cat overpopulation is now. Don’t miss the quarterly stakeholder meeting of the Marion Polk Community Cat Program to learn more and get involved in the solution.