Visit Our Adoptable Cats at PetSmart in 2021

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Do you have kitten fever? You need to hear about Meow Town. We’ve partnered with PetSmart (located at 2925 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305) to make cat adoption easier. Visit our adoptable kittens and cats at PetSmart every Thursday to Monday from noon to 6 p.m.

We’ll have WHS Adoption Specialists on hand to answer questions and facilitate adoptions. Please be prepared to fill out an adoption questionnaire and pay adoption fees. Cats will stay at PetSmart until they are adopted. But be aware: Kittens will leave very quickly. Planning for purrs is crucial!

Who is at PetSmart for adoption? We’re glad you asked. Visit our adoptable cats page, and you’ll see the location listed for each animal in our care. We can’t place holds on animals at PetSmart; you must complete adoption at PetSmart. Both cash and cards are accepted.

And we’re so excited to share that through our partnership with PetSmart, almost 800 cats and kittens were adopted from Meow Town since early 2020.