Annie Finds Her Family

Would a happy story make your day brighter? We can help. Meet Annie. She’s a 3-year-old longhaired kitty found as a scared stray cat in a Salem neighborhood. She came into the shelter right before COVID-19 changed everything, and then she moved into a foster home.

Annie is a special kitty that prefers quiet, calm households. She thrived in her foster home, but we all hoped she’d find her perfect family.

So many of you wanted to help. She was on the website as adoptable for just 13 days, and in that time, we got 26 adoption applications! Wow!

Annie’s new mom was the 16th in line to meet her. She waited so patiently, and it looks like that wait was worthwhile. She sent along this update.

“Annie (or Lil Wei Wei, as I call her) has become the Queen of many chairs and areas and is the sweetest cat ever… She loves (most of) her new toys, especially a rainbow ribbon that she drags every night to the bedroom door where she sits for a while to guard. She has stolen my heart, and I am so happy I was lucky enough to adopt her.”

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