Astra Finds a Happy Ever After

This caturday, we wanted to share the story of sweet Astra here. You may notice that she only has one functional eye, and you may see that her ear is a little crumpled. Astra was a stray cat, so we don’t know exactly what happened to her. But we suspect she was injured as a very small kitten, and she never healed quite right. Then, she lived for years like this on the streets of Salem.

When she came to us, she was worried. She hissed a lot. We worked with her, plied her with treats, and we helped her come out of her shell. Last week, something magical happened. She was adopted!

Astra is just one of many street cats we take in every year. We treat them, love them, and care for them. We help them find forever families to love.

But ultimately, we also want to help wounded kittens too, so they don’t end up as frightened adults with disabilities.

Everyone that brings a kitten or cat to us for help, and trusts us with that care, helps us achieve our goals. And everyone that donates helps us tremendously.

So today, celebrate Astra’s new life. We think she, and cats like her, deserve the best. Don’t you? If you’d like to join our monthly giving program to support happy stories like this, you can do so here: