Poppy Finds Her People

We have a very special story to share with you today. This sweet kitty is Poppy. She came to the shelter a year ago with very sore, swollen ears. But her pain didn’t block her sweet personality. We had to amputate her ear tips. We were thrilled when she was adopted, and imagine our delight at this lovely update.

“Thank you again for saving this special friends life. After months of topical ointment, we got her ears cartilage to close up nicely. They still itch her from time to time, but otherwise look great. She is such a special cat.

She still has a BB lodged in her side (I am sad to think of how it got there), but the vet thinks it is non-invasive and seems subcutaneous, and it does not seem to bother her. If I am sleeping when she is ready for breakfast, Poppy climbs into my arms (literally as I lay on my side) and purrs to wake me to feed her. When she is finished eating, she will climb back onto me for ten or so minutes purring loudly to say thank you…then off she goes to her special blanket at the foot of the bed.”

Isn’t this adorable? Thanks to the families that take a special kitty home. And thanks to our donors and supporters that help make these happy endings possible.