Pocket Explains Social Distancing

Does this little face look familiar? If you followed us on Facebook back in February of 2020, you may have seen Pocket. He was a tiny kitten found in rough condition in the community, and he was nursed back to health here at the shelter. We all loved him, but we worried for him. He wanted affection and kindness, and he would purr and knead when he saw people. But he would flinch and run whenever anyone tried to pet him.

We shared his story, and we asked an understanding family to step forward. We hoped we could find someone who could love this guy for who he is, even if he never became a cuddly lap cat.

We found that family, and the sweetest update just came our way. Here’s what Pocket’s people said.

“Pocket is thriving and keeping us happy! I’ve been telling everyone he is the perfect cat for this COVID situation as he was already in tune with social distancing. He’s been a great example of showing how you can express a lot of love and affection without touching. He did a fantastic job of letting us hold and pet him until his first vet appointment around week 3. Since then he won’t let us pet him but he’ll sit at our feet and right next to us and purr away. The vet reassured us he’ll keep growing his ability for human touch and this quarantine time is helping with us always being around to gain his trust. Enjoy the pictures—he especially loves watching TV and his favorite is Garfield. Thanks to all of you at WHS for taking great care of him until we found him.”

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